There are several ways to contribute to the ULTRAPOINT PROJECT. One of the easiest and at the same time profitable is performing mining.

You can go to the download page and get the project software:

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You can view the Help, Usage Videos, UltraPedia and Frequently Asked Questions sections to learn more about this project.

Using the ULTRAPOINT Network

By using the ULTRAPOINT network to send, receive and store money, you help to keep your privacy and that of many people.

You can start using ULTRAPOINT to receive transfers from other cities and countries. You can accept ULTRAPOINTS in your business or job.

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Share on social networks

Get to know the ULTRAPOINT PROJECT on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks. Write an article on a blog post. Make videos and upload them to youtube.

The more people who know about the project, the easier it will be to send money to anywhere in the world. This means bringing capital to remote areas of the planet. With capital comes development.

Tip: Inform your favorite charity that they can receive donations from anywhere in the world using ULTRAPOINT.

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Make donations using ULTRAPOINT

Several charities, NGOs and other non-profit organizations are using ULTRAPOINT to receive donations.

All you have to do to help others is put your computer to work in ULTRAPOINTS mining and then give some ULTRAPOINTS to your favorite charity organization.

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Contribute to its Development or Implementation

ULTRAPOINT is evolving and improving day by day. If you are a programmer you can participate in the development of the project. Anyone is welcome to add or propose changes to the existing code.

You can also help companies and other organizations deploy the API to their systems.

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