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Donations with UltraPoint Currency

If you are a natural or legal person you can give or receive donations using ULTRAPOINT.

Since ULTRAPOINT has worldwide reach you can receive donations from anywhere on the planet and also send donations to anywhere on the planet.

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How to Receive Donations

How to Give Donations

Who can receive donations?

Any natural or legal person can receive donations using ULTRAPOINT. There are no restrictions and no one to register with or ask for permission to create your account or to request or receive donations. All with complete privacy, security and instant.

Examples of people who are already receiving donations:

- Charitable organizations

- Universities, Schools, Colleges

- Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

- Students from developing countries

- Inventors

- Software developers

- Bloggers, Writers of poems, etc.

- Youtubers

- Entrepreneurs

To give donations you can begin Mining UltraPoint, you can Accept ULTRAPOINT for your Products or services or you can Buy UltraPoints from other members of the community.


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