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Ultrapoint versus Bitcoin

ULTRAPOINT has many advantages over all other existing cryptocurrencies.

Ultrapoint versus Bitcoin
Ultrapoint versus Bitcoin

Advantages over Bitcoin:

Block Time: The block time of ULTRAPOINT is only 60 seconds. Bitcoin is ten minutes. Which means that ULTRAPOINT IS FASTER.

Block size: The bitcoin block size is 1 MB, which limits the number of operations each block can handle. That's why sometimes transactions with bitcoin can take up to three days.

The block size of ULTRAPOINT is variable, which allows our system to handle a huge amount of transactions in each block and as the block time is only 1 minute, the result is that ULTRAPOINT is one of the fastest systems on the planet.

Privacy: Bitcoin is not private. ULTRAPOINT IS SUPER PRIVATE.

Fungibility: Bitcoin is not fungible. ULTRAPOINT IS FULLY FUNGIBLE. This means that one coin is the same as another and that your money is always safe in the UNTRAPOINT network.

Untraceable: Bitcoin is not untraceable. See an example. Because of this it is recommended to use a new bitcoin address for each new transaction. ULTRAPOINT is UNTRACEABLE and you only need to use one address to receive or send as many payments as you wish.

There are many more advantages of ULTRAPOINT over bitcoin.

All the latest versions can be found on our Download page and also in the github repository.

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